Have you read it?

I'd been meaning to read The Hunger Games trilogy for a while and finally got around to it this week, just ahead of the release of the first movie (which I may or not go see at the theatre). I had a really strong reaction to it and wondered if any of you guys on my flist have read it and what you thought.

First of all, Suzanne Collins can write. The books are extremely well written and really quite riveting. Her prose is on the spare side and is incredibly effective at layering in a lot of complexity of character and thematic subtext. I was impressed.

I was also seriously disturbed. This is no ordinary action/adventure, heroine comes of age story. Not at all. In fact, the theme is pretty horrific. It is not comfortable reading, and I couldn't help but wonder a couple of things: 1) was the young-adult audience for whom this story was intended able to comprehend the dark depths the novels plumbed, and 2) were the adult readers of the novels as distured by the story as I was (I don't even like to think about the reaction I would have had if I had children). It is a severe indictment of a lot about humanity and modern (as well as ancient) culture. That may be getting lost in all the movie hype. I mean, "Team Gale" and "Team Peeta" so misses the point. Or maybe it just illustrates the point. Having seen Jennifer Lawrence in Winter's Bone, it strikes me that they could not have made a better choice for Katniss, but I can't help but wonder if, as the other movies get made, the producers will carry out the dark and painfully realistic themes of the books to the same conclusion.

Anyway, anybody on my flist have an opinion on all this? I finished the third book yesterday, and I'm still feeling depressed. Is it just me?


Woke up in the wee hours today and wasn't sure why. Then I checked Twitter. The baby moose has arrived! I feel like a (fan)aunt. Congratulations to Gen & Jared. Bet they make wonderful parents.

Took Me 6 1/2 Seasons, but I'm Going to a Con

All these years a big fan and never made it to a con. So I decided I needed to go to at least one, just because. My husband has family in Nashville, and I have a much-loved niece who lives in Kentucky and is a fan, too. Therefore, NashCon for the two of us! I'm very excited and so glad to have someone to share the adventure with, especially since my niece is just a blast to be with.

Just last week, one of the guests, Mark Pellegrino, had to back out, which is too bad, but he is being replaced by Gabriel Tigerman and Kim Rhodes. Yay! I admit to having a bit of a girl crush on Kim Rhodes. She is awesome, and if you want to read a great blog by a smart, wise, funny, honest, sexy woman, check hers out at Rhodeside Attraction

So, anybody around here going, or know someone who is? Since they changed the date from its original June to this weekend, it is likely to be a smaller group than usual. I'm a lousy photographer, but if I get anything good, I'll post it, along with my impressions of the experience. I know these events have become awfully commercial, but the warmth and genuineness of the SPN family will make up for that. And I'll finally get to see for myself if Jensen's eyes are as green as they look on tv!
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The Passing of the Golden Queen of Pern

I just learned that Anne McCaffrey has died, or perhaps just gone between for the last time. I "met" her dragons when I was fourteen and fell madly in love. Those books, and many others of her crafting, gave me hours of joy and tears and escape--along with a great desire for a dragon, or at least a fire lizard, of my own. She has certainly left a magnificent legacy and I will always be grateful that I stumbled across that first dragonrider book and went along for a wonderful journey.

Safe flight, my lady.

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As some of you already know, I've got a second job these days as a contract copy editor for a boutique press that publishes m/m romance fiction, Dreamspinner Press. (You'd be surprised how often the books I read and edit are original fiction reworks of fanfiction, especially AU J2!). The press is a class act in that they take the editing and proofreading process seriously--which cannot really be said for all the small ebook/print presses out there these days.

Dreamspinner is looking for some proofreaders. I started out as a proofreader. Proofreader's do not get paid, but they do get a discount on the books published, great experience, and a shot at eventually becoming copy editors for pay. The Editor in Chief and her top assistant are great to work with and happy to nurture newcomers along. So, if you think you are pretty good at proofreading, like the genre, like the idea of working at home, and want to improve your skills, you might want to check this out. I've read both good and not-so-good stuff in this job, but I have really learned a lot and enjoyed doing it.

Call for Proofreaders

Just a Few Things

First of all, a big thank you to smilla02, sylvanwitch, buffyaddict13, rinkle and animotus for the birthday remembrances. It means a lot, you guys.

I just saw where Tim Burton is preparing to make a big screen version of Dark Shadows. Starring Johnny Depp as Barnabas Collins! OMG. I'm showing my age, here, but I go back to the original soap opera version with Jonathan Frid as Barnabas, as well as the short-lived 80's nighttime version with Ben Cross as Barnabas. This could be loads of fun.

Saw a surprisingly good horror flick last weekend. The Crazies. I got it because it stars Timothy Olyphant(!!) and Radha Mitchell. It wasn't exactly new plot-wise, but the performances gave it some heft, there were some good scares, and it was generally enjoyable escapist drama. A lot of horror movies have plot, pacing and flow problems. This one was reasonably coherent.

I would kill to be at Comic Con San Diego in a couple of weeks. Not only for the Supernatural panel but because the writer I've recently become a huge fan of, Rob Thurman, is going to be there. Several flisties have told me how much they enjoyed her Cal Leandros books and her newest book, Chimera. Absoutely riveting reads.

Oh, and last but not least, we have real bathrooms again at work!! Who gives a flying, you ask? Well, if you ever have to use a potty trailer for eight months, you'll understand. So far, facilities services haven't put signs on the door, so different people on the floor have been putting up sticky notes with some alternative suggestions to "Women" and "Men." My favorite so far is "Setters" and "Pointers." Hee!

Enough meaningless babble. Back to work. (Yuck) Hope y'all guys (as JP says) are having a great summer.

She Came, She Saw, She Conquered

This morning I waved goodbye to chemm80 as she continued on her vacation journey. Hubby!Sam and I only had the pleasure of her company for a day or so, and I had a hard time letting her go this morning. She is every bit as awesome as I knew she would be and we barely stopped talking the whole time. I've been lucky in my flisties and even luckier to get the chance to meet several of them face to face.

I got to know chemm80 first through her fanfic. She is a wonderful writer with a lot of range who really gets boys. Then through other posts and comments I discovered that we see a lot of things the same way--in that "OMG, that's exactly what I was thinking" sort of way. In real life, she's exactly how she seems. Funny, down to earth, bright, perceptive, and a warm and easy person to be around.

The hubs really enjoyed her visit, too. It's very gratifying the way he bonds with my fan friends. I think it must be the coffee! (Any other flisties who want to find out for themselves, the door to chez 'bella is always open.)

Anywho, just wanted to squee a little about a great visit, and visitor. Enjoy the rest of your trip, babe, and be safe. And as we say in the South, y'all come back now, hear?