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Riverbella's Rambles

Diagonally Parked in a Parallel Universe
13 July
I am...a little weird. Eccentric, maybe, is a better word. I don't have any trouble distinguishing between fantasy and reality, but I think reality largely sucks. I am old enough to not much care. I am cynically sentimental, or sentimentally cynical--whichever makes sense to you. People find me easy to talk to. I find that rather amazing. I am very tolerant, not easily shocked, open to new ideas, eager to learn new things (the more trivial and/or strange the better) curious to the point of nosy but disinclined to ask, an inveterate daydreamer/self-commentator, and I believe that you mostly just have to laugh or you'll go mad about a lot of things. I have an embarrassingly good marriage of more than 30 years duration--got what I always wanted, someone I could talk to. (And he's cute.) No kids, two cats who own me. I have a job I sort of like with people I like a lot. I leave it behind me at 5:00 p.m. and don't consider it to be my real life. The current major obsession in my life is Supernatural because smart, funny, dark, horror, angst, family, complexity, fierce but uneasy love and physical beauty--god, it's an embarrassment of riches. Ultimately, I got a livejournal account for two reasons--because I want to know about it and because there is some hellaciously good Supernatural fanfiction around here. If I sound like somebody you want to hang out with, you're probably crazy...but, hell, works for me!